Wilderness: Rockwell Kent’s Alaska Exhibit and Podcast

Posted on August 17, 2012 by

Wilderness_exhibitTo coincide with the “Wilderness: Rockwell Kent’s Alaska” exhibit in the display case at the Downtown Juneau Public Library which will run through December, Poet and Librarian Jonas Lamb has prepared this podcast of his essay “Olson’s Fox Island Cabin: Resurrection Bay’s First Writer’s Residency”.

The wonderful exhibit built by Historian and Librarian Mark Whitman  replicates a scene from inside Kent’s cabin as well as period tools used by pioneers to prove up on their cabin sites and keep their wood stoves fed and a replica of Kent’s Christmas menu from 1918.  (checkout the photo slideshow).


Download (mp3)

You can read the text from the essay and find links to more poems inspired by Rockwell Kent’s Wilderness at the 49 Writers Blog where it first appeared.

You can check out a copy of “Wilderness: a Journal of Quiet Adventure” from the Juneau Public Libraries, or read an online ebook version here (Google account required, click the ‘how to read’ tab to download and epub version).  For further exploration of the art of Rockwell Kent, checkout these resources: