Volunteers Needed!

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It’s bookmark contest season at the public library and we’re looking for a few volunteers. Here’s a list of the dates available. If your student can’t make a time listed here, but would like to help with a particular aspect, just let me know. Library staff will be on hand during all these sessions to direct volunteers.  If interested please call 586-0451

Oct 17-25 Downtown Public Library, 4-5 volunteers: We need a few judges to select the winners. Judges need no special skills but need to enjoy looking at children’s art. Judges may come any time to look at the entries at any time during this period. First time judges can set up a time with me to explain the process. Judges can spend as much or as little time as they like to look over the entries. Young judges will be exempted from judging their own grade level, but are welcome to judge the others.


Oct 25 6-7pm Valley Public Library 3-5 volunteers (can be the same as previous or different): Final judging. Judges will meet for about an hour to select the top entries from each grade. Again, young people are welcome and will be excused from judging their own grade level. Again, this isn’t a difficult job, but judges do need to keep their brains turned on and be comfortable engaging with the other judges.


Oct 19 2:30-4pm Valley Public Library (2-4 volunteers): I sort the entries by grade as they come in. We need volunteers to sort them by school and count them.


Oct 28 1-2pm Downtown (1-2 volunteers): tape and hang entries for display


Oct 31 3pm Douglas (1-2 volunteers): tape and hang entries for display


Nov 1 Valley 6pm (3-4 volunteers):  tape and hang entries for display


Nov 11 Downtown 5pm (1-2 volunteers): help with awards ceremony, setting up chairs, taking pictures, etc.

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