Mary Doria Russell: Podcast

Posted on November 27, 2012 by

In case you missed the great presentation by Russell, we’ve got an archived recording for you!  Russell’s presentation “What Went Right in Italy” serves up a healthy dose of WWII history with humor.   I just love the term she used to describe Italian officials as  “artistically inefficient” in the face of Gestapo requests for information.  Her commentary on human relationships and answers to audience questions will leave you wanting to read more of her novels  and keeping an eye out for Doc on HBO…  Enjoy.   Also please make note that the former podcast site, is going away and with it any RSS feeds you may subscribe to.  Going forward all new podcasts will be published here and old ones on the archive page.

Part 1 stream

Part 2 stream


Download Russell Part 1 (mp3) [38:47](right click, save as)

Download Russell Part 2 (mp3) [49:50] (right click, save as)