Author Visit: Annie Boochever

Posted on June 12, 2014 by

Bristol Bay SummerMon. June 16, 6:30p at the Valley Library

Join Annie to hear how her new book – set against the backdrop of the great Bristol Bay salmon fishery – came to be. Take a vicarious adventure as she reads an excerpt and shows slides of Bristol Bay and surrounding areas.

Reviews of Bristol Bay Summer:

“This is a powerful story of a girl becoming a woman, a story of land and sea and artistry.”
—Peggy Shumaker, Alaska State Writer Laureate

“. . . Provides insights into the profound rich cultural heritage of this fishery. . . . a must-read for anyone—young and old alike—wishing to better understand the critical importance of the Bristol Bay salmon fishery to both feeding the world AND feeding the soul!” —Sue Aspelund

“Books about the real Alaska are few and far between. Annie Boochever’s prose is as fierce and elemental as the land itself; her story takes readers to the edge of the cliff and back again.”
—Debby Dahl Edwardson, National Book Award Finalist